Crazy Heels

What attract me the most in a pair of shoes is definitely the heels.
I focus on the originality in material, shape and colors, but also look for something young and new, yet elegant.

Here are my top 3 crush high heels shoes:

Golden frame and black leather snake texture heel, by Kat Maconie.
It is a black suede and pointy-toed shoe that hold your foot with a nice gold buckle around your ankle.
Kat Maconie is a young shoe designer from UK. Her designs are extremely excessive and futuristic. Her shoes definitely add value to your outfit and your style.
Price range: 200-350€. Check at her website ! Kat Maconieimg_0092

-Faded plexi heel pumps by Dior. The shape is very glamorous and delicate, shade of black, with black satin material. It is very pointed which affirm your style and personality.

Fur heel by Heyraud. It is a black suede boot that is easy to wear anytime.
Heyraud is a french brand that usually aims a more mature customers segmentation but use innovative materials and texture for their collections. Price range is 150-300€.
Heyraud Paris




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