Burj Al Arab – Dubai

Welcome to the most overweening hotel in the world. Burj Al Arab belong to Jumeirah Group, owning the majority of the middle eastern hotels in Dubai.
Why is this hotel so popular ?

-The exterior architecture is beautiful and represents a major innovation and investment as it is floating on the sea. The huge sail, covered of big windows, offers 202 rooms on 56 floors.

-The prices are outrageous as it is considered as the unique 7star hotel (this ranking is not official by the way, it’s just the pride of the locals). The minimum you’ll have to spend for a night will be around 1000€, and this is the low season price..
But of course, luxury remains on a unique and unaccessible experience, high price is the main attraction for spending there. So you can guess that a lot of celebrities are coming such as the Beckhams.
The helipad is also a good asset for showing off !

-The interior design is surprising, we definitely don’t all have the same taste and this is for sure not mine ! It is very colorful, gold columns everywhere, fountains, arches and lights of all kind. It is a mix of trends and designs which makes it “kitsch”. It is literally too much, your eyes don’t know where to look at, too many things in this uncommon shining environment.
As you can see on my pictures, the furnitures are quite heavy and oppressing, yet impressive !

-The hotel has several restaurants an bars, which one offers a great experience with fishes and exotic sea animals. The aquarium is build inside the building which transports the customers for a magical dinner.


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