First Class -A380

Wonder how it is to fly first class in an A380 with a VIP service ? Well, there’s only one word for it : impressive.


I had a 12 hours flight with Singapore Airline.
The big difference between an economy and first class ticket, is that you don’t feel the hours of wait, neither at the airport, nor in the plane. You just feel like home.

With the VIP service (option for the first class), someone is welcoming you at your first step in the airport. Everything is taking cared of, passport, plane ticket, luggage, you go straight to VIP lounge. There, food and drinks in profusion. You also pass by the staff security area (and not the long queue for security check), which is obviously not crowded at all.

Then, you jump in a private car to get straight to the stairs of the plane, and as soon as you sit, a lovely hostess greets you by your name and offer straight away Dom Perignon Champagne (which I didn’t refuse..).

Hot towels are given to you in a second, as well as magazines and newspapers.
Service is immediate, exaggeratedly polite, the staff is presenting you all properties of the cabin and even help you to put on your slippers (that, I didn’t accept, I can still put on shoes myself) !

unadjustednonraw_thumb_44bcOnce we take off, it’s time for ordering some food, and more drinks, Bloody Marry, red wine and all others alcohol you could wish for.
For lunch : chilled malossol caviar, stir fried lobster and shiitake mushrooms (I mean, these are my choices, there are much more to order if you wish).
Actually, you can order food anytime, there will always be someone serving you.

White nap is set on the removable table, just like in a restaurant.
Of course, TV is triple size of my laptop and your sit can be transformed in a bed with a sort of mattress. I’m 173cm and I could fully straight my legs while laying.

jccvs05stakkrz2me85w_thumb_44b7The first class area is so spaced that you don’t really feel like you’re in an airplane. You even have your own toilet bag (by Salvatore Ferragamo), perfume, cream, cleansing…
The space of the first class cabin depends on the aircraft, I could notice that with older or smaller airplanes, the size is a bit smaller, the area is a bit reduced but still comfortable.

Landing, again, a nice hostess is waiting for you, right outside of the plane to take you straight away to the exit.

After all, this is a great experience, where you can definitely enjoy a perfect service, but does it worth the price ?


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