Amanpuri -Phuket


Need some relaxing and exotic holidays ? I have the perfect place for you.
I recently enjoyed 10 days of pure happiness at Amanpuri in Phuket, Thailand. This hotel is situated on the west coast of the island and offers one of the most beautiful beach. Sand is powdery and the sea transparent and turquoise.
The resort presents villas and pavilions that are fresh and zen, and are in total immersion in the local Thaï style. They are scattered in the jungle, an amazing huge green park that is maintain with great care.

You can switch from the traditional Thaï food to Mexican, Italian and Japanese food thanks to the numerous restaurants, all located in privileged areas of the bay.

As the hotel is a bit on the heights, you can enjoy wonderful views on the sea but also access straight to the beach. If you prefer there are also 3 pools that have different atmosphere. You can of course also enjoy the spa which is a great place, very quiet and peaceful.

Finally, the staff is adorable, indeed Thailand is known for its smily people and the service is very personalized. However, if you’re not too patient, you might feel like the food service is a bit slow, but relax, you’re in holidays 😉


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