Making my own dress

I never sew of my life (and I’m not proud of it), but I had this very precise dress in mind (kind of Elie Saab style) that I couldn’t find anywhere.. So I decided to do it myself.
Bad idea, I mean, I struggled for a week trying to fit each piece of material to me.

First, I selected the fabrics in Paris, at the popular Marché St Pierre. Actually, this is not the only interesting shop in the sector, there are so many presenting different style, quality and price. I was also buying some elements online, especially on this website (France): Mercerie en ligne , you can find anything there. mag-colombiers
Then, I used one of my dress to get the approximates measures (huge mistake). This is totally useless because it depends on the material and also the shape of your dress and the sewing.
Anyway, I kept going (very stubborn), trying to cut right pieces of each fabrics.
The time to sew was actually the easiest part, bringing pieces together (on the right side please).

After changing, unpicking, adding pieces, sewing by hand and machine.. I finally succeed to reach something which looked like a dress.
Once the shape was done, I could “improve” it with different materials (embroidery, pearls..) to make it looks a bit more professional, and here it goes:


I was actually impressed that it holds the whole party, I didn’t get naked and nothing broke, woo !

Advise if you want to make your own dress and don’t have any experience: DON’T do it !
Kidding, but you better buy a pattern and follow some courses or videos online 🙂
Have fun !


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