Formula 1 Abu Dhabi

I’m not specially passionate by fast cars and races but the Formula 1 is definitely an amazing experience.
I participated to te 3 days racing in Abu Dhabi in 2015 and had the chance to access to all areas, from the pit lane to the VIP lounge.
I don’t know about the others places, but Abu Dhabi Yas Marina Circuit is awesome, there’s the yachts’ area, the paddock club and terraces + concerts’ area.
It’s huge and you even need a bus to move around.
The 3 days are organized in different parts with practices of the series: Grand Prix 3 -2 and then the Formula 1. The whole event is under Etihad Airways control (air company based in AD).
I have to admit it is very impressive to watch the races, it’s very noisy but you can feel the adrenaline and the excitement of the stadium.
The event is not only about cars:
Concerts are also organized for each evening, that year there were: Enrique Iglesias, Florence and the Machine, the Blur.
There are also great private parties going on all yachts, so you can definitely have fun for the whole week end ! Fireworks and champagne in abundance..

Have a look: Abu Dhabi – Formula 1



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