Temptation Serpenti – Bulgari


I don’t particularly appreciate reptiles but the one of Bulgari has the virtue to be sumptuous. Like the Panther of Cartier, Bulgari inspired from an exotic animal to create its jewel collection.

The snake, symbol of temptation and power, began his luxury advancement from the creation of the House, in 1905. Sotirios Voulgaris, the founder and first goldsmith of Bulgari, built his empire with the suppleness and immortality of the serpent, which still wraps the neck, wrists and fingers of the wealthiest women.

Associated with colourful gemstones and specific technics of assembling, Serpenti brought to life sparkling brilliantly. The “spirotubes”, precious metal materials, allow the reptile to move its scales with fluidity and so, increase the refinement and grace.

From pink gold and steel to mother of pearl and diamonds, it usually creates circles to wind or bites its tail.

Choosing the serpent for its icon, Bulgari clings to his successful future with the immortality in its gene.

In a similar context, Roberto Cavalli (mainly known for its Haute Couture creations) also chose the snake for representing its brand. The reptile is very popular in the luxury sector thanks to its scales, rareness and the values it inspired.


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