Manuka Honey

Yes, I do have imperfections and yes, I am sometimes struggling with my skin.
After testing crazy amounts of creams, serums, masks and others treatments of all kind, I decided to play the “natural” card. I was quite suspicious about it, but why not trying.

Manuka Honey is a specific honey only made in New Zealand and Australia. Its main ability is to heal very efficiently and be antibacterial (you can also eat it if you’re really crazy about food like me).
These two qualities are to be associated with cinnamon (which is also an antibacterial ingredient) in order to be img_0934really beneficial for your skin.

Easy recipe:
-2 teaspoons of honey
-1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder
–> mix together and apply on your clean skin, making circles with your fingers. You can rinse after 20mn.
Your skin will be much softer and the pores will also be thinner after only a few times, but don’t exceed twice or three times per week. There is also no need to put a very thick layer.

As per its properties, you can also use the honey with hot water for a throat-ache, works perfectly.

One unit (250gr) of costs about 50€, indeed it is from far the most expensive honey I ever bought !
Yes, there’s a price for it but you can enjoy the pot for a while and if you compare to others products, it is relatively similar pricing.
To be really efficient, I use the UMF 18+, but you can choose from 12+ depending on your skin type (cost varies a bit).

You can find it on this website: Miel de Manuka


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