Lagoons in Jamaica

One of my first backpack was in Jamaica, don’t ask me why this island, I don’t have many reasons: I was looking for sun, sea and fun !
I lost myself in this gorgeous island for 20 days, passing by the Blue Mountains, Turquoise Lagoons and concrete Jungle. 

The Blue Mountains: 
I had the chance to stay 2 days up in the mountains, without any wifi, internet, electricity and current water. That was an experience, which I really miss !
In a way, you also start to think that there is no way that someone finds you in case of trouble…
Anyway, I got up at 2am to climb the pic and get at the highest point for the sunrise. Jackpot, 6am, the clouds became pinky, light set ablaze the hills and this veil of mist magically evaporate. Amazing show

Turquoise Lagoons:
There are so many in Jamaica that you must take your bike and circle around it, it’s pure happiness. If you are more adventurous, try the blue holes. These are just a big holes in the ground, a few meters down and it’s a transparent water that waits for you.

Concrete Jungle:unadjustednonraw_thumb_3071
Which jungle am I talking about ? Well first, the villages. Yes, it’s not the most organized country and yes, it is quite a mess to find out where you need to go. Buses are a bit chaotic but I did survive.
But, local people are very sociable, pretty welcoming and very smily. Looks like they’re happy all the time (probably for another good reason from their local product…)
Second, the real jungle is beautiful, green of all declension, birds and waterfalls.

If you want more info on my trip, please contact me, I’ll be happy to share my experience. Have fun !




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