Izumi – Geneva

If you’re craving for Japanese food, just like me, this is a great place for you in Geneva.
IZUMI is the gastronomic restaurant of Four Seasons, Quai des Bergues, situated at the top of the building, offering a great view on the city.
It is actually a fusion cuisine: Japanese – Peruvian. Yes it is apparently a great trend to mix two different type of food together.. I approve.mochi2
I totally fell in love with their mochis, these sweets made of rice dough and a sort of cream or ice. I highly advice the green tea one, frozen inside and very soft and powdery exterior.
I definitely recommend the black cod with its sweet sauce, as well as the shrimp tempura.

Apart from food, it is also a good reason to walk in the 5star hotel and get immersed in the traditional decor of Four Seasons.
Best time is most probably in spring-summer when you can admire the 360° view, the lake and the popular Jet d’Eau.



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