Dior Silk


The collection of high jewellery by Christian Dior Couture for Fall-Winter 2015-16, has been revealed in July 2015. The famous House, part of the leaders in the fashion world and luxury goods, was created in 1946 by Mr. Dior himself and Marcel Boussac.
But it is only in 1998 that Dior launched its jewellery section, aiming to complete the beautiful and impressive outfits of the most elegant ladies.

Dior Silk, presents 25 unique pieces designed by Victoire de Castellane, all crafted in Paris. This collection is inspired by the movements of the cloth and ribbon, directly linked to the fashion collection Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2015-16, using satin, silk and others flexible materials.
These wonderful jewels shine brilliantly thanks to their colorful diamonds and gemstones such as emerald, ruby and sapphire. The colors, the curved lines and suppleness of the finery create a mischievous and enchanted spirit combined with the traditional elegance of Dior.
The lively creations also bring a joyful and playful atmosphere as Victoire De Castellane explained: “When you play with a ribbon, it’s instinctive, ephemeral, and I wanted to keep that notion of freedom”.

One of my favorite pieces is without a doubt the “Volant Emeraude” earrings. It shows two sapphires and two emeralds asymmetrical set and pleated white diamond ribbons. The movement of the pleats also recalls the petals of a flower which amplifies the lightness and charm of the earrings.


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